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Using variable for the target process in an Execute process step

One can specify the called process using an absolute path or relative path.  In both cases, embedding a slash "/" in a process name can result in ambiguous results.  The variable value could refer to a folder and process or just a process.


For example, say that the folder structure is as follows

Project name = Myproject
Folder structure = 

The parent process Myparentprocess is in FolderA while the child process Mychildprocess is in SubfolderB.

If the user would like to use a variable to call Mychildprocess from Myparentprocess, they can use the following value in the variable.

1. Relative path for Mychildprocess
/Subfolder B/Mychildprocess
2. Absolute path for Mychildprocess

If the name is incorrect the user will get an error when executing the parent process:

The given key was not present in the dictionary.

Note: Certify execution will still execute the process even if the path is incorrect as long as the target process name is correct and the target process exists in the same folder as the calling process.