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Question: I know that Worksoft Certify supports running automation against applications with different languages. What I would like to know is whether the same Certify process can be used to run against the same application in different locale?
Answer: It is possible to run the same Certify process against an application in different locale using a combination of recordsets and the action Set AUT locale.  However, this requires advanced understanding of Certify process and maps. Below are examples of the things one would need to consider in order to allow for this method to work.

1.       The UI structure of application  across all locale should be same and UI control’s Identification method in Map Objects cannot rely on the labels or caption of the UI controls. For example, in Java if you use Find by Label or Find by Caption, your test will not be able to run across different locales.
2.       If there is a string that you need to enter or verify, please be sure to use recordsets (where each row corresponds to each locale) to drive its values. A text value that is saved within the process step parameter will not be able to change.
3.       When verify dates or numbers, please be sure to use date variables and number variables (not text variables). The dates and number variables will be correctly converted for each locale.