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Masking variables

To hide the value of a variable from users, a variable can be masked.

A string of asterisks (*****) will appear in place where the variable values are normally shown, for example, in the results viewer. This value will be masked in the Certify Windows Client and Results reports.

Certify only allows the masking of Text variables. Number variables and Date variables can not be masked. (Please use Text variables for any numbers or dates whose values need to be hidden).

Examples of where variables are masked:

- Results

- Recordsets

Masked variables are by default not encrypted in the database.

If there is a need for the values in the database to be encrypted, then the user will need to also check the check box called "Encrypt value in database".

This checkbox is only available for masked variable. You can not encrypt a value of a Text variable that is not masked.

The following are Text variables that can be encrypted:

  • Initial value of project and process variables
  • User-specific values of user variables
WARNING: You can not unencrypt the variables once you have selected to encrypt the variable in Certify. (The checkbox will be grayed out).  If you accidentally encrypt a variable by accident, you may be forced to delete the variable and start over. Please be careful when selecting the Encrypt data check box in the Variable Editor.