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GUI automation tools always require visual context in order to be able to run unattended (and also to take correct screenshots). 

Using Remote Desktop component included in Microsoft Windows operating system will allow for visual context to be maintained, however, you should not minimize the RDP session because RDP connection when minimized will switch to a GUI-less mode which will cause the automation to fail.

The options are

A. Use other tools which allows for minimizing the session without going into a GUI-less mode (see list below).

- RealVNC VNC tool

- Microsoft's Remote Desktops Snap In Console (tsmmc.msc).

B. If your organization needs to use RDP connection, there is a way to get around the suppression of GUI for the RDP session in minimized mode. Please see the following instructions for Windows 7 (as an local RDP client into a Terminal server, e.g. Windows Server 2008 R2, where Certify is installed).

***** Please do not attempt the following if you have never changed/edit the Windows Registry keys.)*****

1. Close all RDP sessions on the local machine
2. Before starting, export the info by goin to File->Export, because wrong changes may some time corrupt the OS.
3. In the Registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Terminal Server Client\ create the DWORD RemoteDesktop_SuppressWhenMinimized.
4. Set the DWORD "RemoteDesktop_SuppressWhenMinimized" to 2

Note:If you want to change the RDC settings for all accounts on the local machine you have to do the same to the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Terminal Server Client\