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Import Recordset Action

Question : How do I import data from a CSV file into a recordset?


There are three ways of importing data from an external file. The first two methods will import the information at run time.

1. Use the Import Recordset action to import data into a recordset

System 1.0->System->Record Set->Import Recordset

In this step, you can use either a TXT or CSV file to import data into the Layout/Recordset of your choice.
For more information on Import Recordset, please see the Worksoft Certify Online Help.
2. Copy a value from a file into a variable.

System 1.0->System->File->Read File

This step imports all the contents of any file into a single variable. A simple TXT file is most suitable for this method.

3. Import a Recordset from a CSV file during design time.

In the Recordset Editor, click on the 'Import' button. Browse to your CSV file and select appropriate options like column delimiter, text qualifier, and "Ignore First Line". Click OK and the data is imported and appears in the Recordset fields.