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How to determine who is using a Certify license

Obsolete: This article only applies to license keys sent before June 2014.

Question:  How do I determine who is using a Certify license?


To determine who has a Certify Client license open you will need to run the wlmadmin.exe tool found in the ..\SitePrep\LicenseServer\AdminTools folder in the Certify Release package zip file and expand the CertifyClientlicense key in the tree view on the left hand side.   The user names of the clients who have a license in use will be listed under the “Clients” folder under the CertifyClient license key.  If you select the user name in the tree, you will see the Host Name of the machine in the “Detailed information” pane on the right.

You can also find out other information such as expiration date of your license from this tool.