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Getting current time from the System date variable

Q: There seems to be only System date. How do I retrieve the current time?

A: You can use the System date to retrieve the current time by following these steps.

1. First verify that you have a data format that represents the date with the time. This is usually added by the Worksoft professional services team when they implemented your Worksoft solution. To do this you can open an existing process, and go to Tools in the process and data editor then select Data Type Formats. 

2. If you do not have a Data format with the date and time, please create one. For example, created a data format called "Long Date" with the format "F". (This format will yield both date and time). 

Then now you can use the System variable called Date to capture the current date and time into your own text variable (e.g. myDate) with the Data format "Long Date".