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Creating a user with the same username as a deleted user

You can restore a deleted user by right clicking on any existing user and selecting "Restore user" or create a new user with the same username by following these steps. (You must know the exact username of the deleted user in order to restore the user).

Please note that Certify does not allow a user to be deleted from the database (even when the user is deleted from the UI). 

For example, if you deleted user David1402, user David1402 still exists in the database with his user name attached to the Modified By user and Created By user fields in all of the assets that he had modified or created.  If you tried to create another user with the same name "David1402", this is not allowed.

At this point, you have two choices:

Option 1: You can restore the user "David1402" and continue to use the "David1402" user with all of the user history (in the modified by and created by fields).

This is done by right-clicking to select "Restore user" and entering David1402 as the username to restore.

Option 2. If you want to create a new user "David1402" who is not associated with the previous user "David1402" history, you should first restore the user "David1402" using the "Restore user" menu option, then rename the user to "David1402_old" and delete the user "David1402_old". Now you will be allowed to create a new user called "David1402" and all of the original "David1402" user's assets will be associated with "David1402_old".