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Certify License

Worksoft Certify Installation guide explains the four types of Certify License


Worksoft Certify provides two major types of licenses:

1.  Standalone license

     - A standalone license is a single-user license that is installed on individual workstations.
     - If you have a standalone license, then you do not need a license server.

2.  Network license

     - A network license is installed on a license server, and it provides multi-user concurrent licenses.
     - All Citrix XennAppTM and terminal services configurations require a network license.

Both types of Worksoft Certify licenses above can be further generated as the following:

3.  Timed license

     - A timed license is a temporary license that has an expiration date.
     - This license type is generally used for training, product demonstrations, and term licenses.

4.  Locked license

     - A locked license is a permanent license that provides a license without an expiration date, and it is locked
       to an individual machine or a license server machine.