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The Certify command line allows Certify processes to be executed without requiring the Certify User interface. The Certify command line is often used in conjunction with a scheduler, such as Windows Scheduler, to run Certify Processes unattended (at a specific-time). To run the Certify command line, the user may choose to create a batch file with the command "Certify.exe". When Certify command line is executed it is using the "unmanaged mode" where all dialogs and prompts are suppressed.

When the command "Certify.exe" is typed into the DOS prompt without any parameter, the usage notes (as shown below) will be displayed, the formatting and table below was used here for readability.


Certify /UseCertifyConfig+ /Project="Source Project" /Process=MyProcess /logstepmode=LogAllSteps /user=admin /password=password


/user:<string> certify user name (required). (short form /User)
/password:<string> certify user password (required). (short form /Password)
/attribute:<string> Format is Name|Value Name|Value (short form /Attribute)
/authentication[+|-] Windows Authentication Mode (optional)  - Default value is false. (short form /Authentication)
/bppreportname:<string> BPP Report Name (optional). (short form  /BPPReportName)
/bpplanguage:<string> English/French/GermanBPP (optional)  Language for report- Default value is  English. (short form /BPPLanguage)
/capturescreenon:<string> CaptureNone/CaptureAbortedSteps/CaptureFailedSteps/CaptureAbortedAndFailedSteps  (optional) - Default value is  CaptureNone. (short form  /CaptureScreenOn)
/screencapturemode:<string> CaptureDeskTop/CaptureActiveWindow (optional) - Default value is CaptureDeskTop. (short for /ScreenCaptureMode)
/certifyconnecturl:<string> Certify Connect URL (optional). (short form /ccurl)
/createoutputlocation[+|-] false/true (optional) - Default value is false. (short form /CreateOutputLocation)
/datasourceconfigurationname:<string> Certify Connect Data Source Configuration Name (optional). (short form /dscn)
/dbname:<string> database name. (short form /DBName)
/dbpassword:<string> database user password. (short form /DBPassword)
/dbserver:<string> database server name. (short form /DBServer)
/dbuser:<string> database user name. (short form /DBUser)
/disablelogging[+|-] false/true (optional) - Default value is false. (short form /DisableLogging)
/help:<string> Show usage. (short form /Help)
/interactive[+|-] false/true (optional) - Default value is false. (short form /Interactive)
/layout:<string> fully qualified certify layout name (optional). (short form /Layout)
/logstepmode:<string> LogAllSteps/LogAbortedSteps/LogFailedSteps/LogProcessOnly/LogStatusOnly/LogDisabled (optional) - Default value is LogAllSteps. (short form /LogStepMode)
/outputfile:<string> Output Xml FileName (optional) - Default value is blank. (short form /OutputFile)
/outputlocation:<string> fully qualified certify log folder name (optional). (short form /OutputLocation)
/outputpdf:<string> Output PDF FileName (optional) - Default value is blank. (short form /OutputPDF)
/outputpdftype:<string> processexecution/processexecutionsummary/processexecutionrecordset/bppgeneratedOutput (optional) PDF Report Type - - Default is processexecution. (short form /OutputPDFType)
/process:<string> fully qualified certify process name (required). (short form /Process)
/processid:<string> process id (optional). (short form /pid)
/project:<string> project name (required). (short form /Project)
/qcresultxml:<string> QC Result XML FileName (optional) - Default value is blank. (short form  /QCResultXML)
/recordset:<string> certify record set name (optional). (short form /Recordset)
/recordsetmode:<string> Read Only/Append/Clear and Append/Read and Update (optional) - Default value is Read Only (short form /RecordsetMode)
/stepdelay:<decimal> 0-100 (optional) - Default value is 0. (short form /StepDelay)
/stoponfailure[+|-] false/true (optional) - Default value is  false. (short form /StopOnFailure)
/title:<string> execution title (optional). (short form /Title)
/usecertifyconfig[+|-] false/true (optional) - Default value is false. (short form /UseCertifyConfig)
/useprocessdata[+|-] false/true (optional) - Default value is false. (short form /UseProcessData)
/verbose[+|-] false/true (optional) - Default value is false. (short form /Verbose)
/xmloutputtype:<string> PartialOutput/FullOutput (optional) - Default value is PartialOutput. (short form /XmlOutputType)
/verifyobjects:<string> Disabled/ObjectsUsedInTests/AllObjects (optional) - Default value is Disabled. (short form /VerifyObjects)
@<file> Read response file for more options

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