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The SAP menu bar is not accessible using LiveTouch. However, you can use the following steps to create a new step in the Certify process to access this menu bar item:

1. Use Livetouch to click on the Green Check box (not on the menu) and click done. 
2. This will generate a step with that other item (and the correct window - SAP Core 1.0).
3. In the step, change the object to be identical with the Window name, e.g., SAP Main
4. Select the action "Select menu" for the window SAP Main and object SAP Main
5. In the parameter for this action, enter the menu name (delimited by a "|"). For example, File|New|Use Blank or enter each level of the menu in the parameters (Menu Level 1, Menu Level 2...).

Note: You can skip step 1 - 3 if you specify SAP Core as Application and SAP Main as Window and simply create a step by right clicking on New Step in the process.

For more information, please see Worksoft Certify online help (Search for Select Menu).