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Aborting Cerify command line

Aborting and stopping the Certify process through command line



Batch Process is a Certify process which gets executed through a Batch file. We can execute the same Certify process from Command Line utility or using a Batch file without the Certify user interface.


Steps to create a Batch process:-


  1. Launch Certify.
  2. Create an Application with required interface.
  3. Create a Project and open it.
  4. Create a Process with required steps and save it.
  5. Execute/Run the process and the Configuration Dialog Window appears.
  6. Click on Export button in the Configuration Dialog Window and this allows us to create a Batch file for the same process we executed.
  7. Save the Batch file (File Extension will be ".BAT") to a specified location on the machine.
  8. Configuration Dialog Window gets closed and Certify or Process Editor opens up.


Note: On exporting the Certify process to a Batch file the Configuration Dialog Window gets closed and stops running/executing the process.



Steps to Run a Batch process using a Batch file:-:


  1. Launch Windows Command Prompt.
  2. Locate the path in command prompt where the Batch file is stored.
  3. Type the Batch file name (extension is not mandatory), certify user id and password with spaces in between and hit Enter key on the keyboard as shown in the example below:.

For eg:

C:\temp>MyBatchFile userid password

C:\temp>MyBatchFile.bat userid password


  1. The Batch process (or say Certify Process) gets executed.
  2. When the process execution completes, command prompt displays a text "Finishing process". Result is viewable in Certify only not in the command prompt.



There are two ways of killing a Batch process while a Batch process is running:-

  1. Close the command prompt by clicking on X button on its upper right corner. OR
  2. Press "Ctrl + C" key on the keyboard.


Behavior and Results noticed when killing a Batch Process:


1. On killing Batch process by closing command prompt:

  1. Once the Batch Process gets started, we kill it on closing the command prompt at below mentioned moment-
  • At the start of the batch process when "Worksoft Inc - Commandline Utility" or "Worksoft Certify Version" text appears in the command prompt.
  • At the time when "Starting process" text appears in command prompt.
  • At the mid of the batch process
  • At the time of finishing the batch process (when "Finishing process" text appears in command prompt)
  1. The batch process gets stopped on closing the command prompt window.
  2. No process step gets executed in first two situations. Result displays Elapsed time as 0 seconds and Result window appears completely blank.
  3. Process steps get executed whichever comes under next two situations. Result displays with elapsed time and Result window appears with executed steps and the last step with no results where the process was killed.
  4. The process summary result displays Zero total steps, Zero passed, Zero failed, Zero skipped, Zero aborted but underneath the result, Executed/Passed/Failed/Skipped/Aborted steps can be viewed.



  1. On killing batch process by pressing Ctrl+C command through the keyboard:


  1. Pressing Ctrl+C command doesn't seem working while the batch process is running until the text "Finishing process" appears in the command prompt.
  2. If we supply Ctrl+C command at any time while the process is running or finishing, the process execution halt.
  3. A text appears "Terminate batch job (Y/N)?" at the end of the batch process before completing the process execution.
  4. Providing any input to this command (Y or N) abort the process rather than letting the process continue till its last step on providing N in the input.
  5. Result gets appeared with executed steps (Passed or Failed).
  6. Process result displays the step with aborted sign when Ctrl+C command was pressed while running the batch process.
  7. Process result displayed as "Cancel by user".