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Warning about WinLearn in Certify 8.x

In Certify 8.x, Win Learn generates Office map files which are obsolete. This feature in Win Learn does not create maps for the Office interface and has been removed in Certify 9.x. It makes maps for the out-of-date version of Certify .Net interface’s support of Office applications.

If you are planning to use Certify Office Interface, there is no need to learn the Microsoft Office applications. The map file for the Certify Office Interface is provided in the Office folder: (<Installation path>\Worksoft\Certify\Interface Client\Worksoft\wsTest\Office).

This map file is called "Office_Automation_Map.msomap".

To start using the Certify Office Interface, first Import the map "Office_Automation_Map.msomap" into an application associated with the Office Interface.


Although WinLearn may learn the toolbars and Win32 components of an Excel spreadsheet but will not learn the spreadsheet itself.

The Office Interface is the best for automating Microsft Excel. It also has UI Automation support for dynamically interacting with the toolbar ribbons and dialogs.


The user can also use the Certify Silverlight Interface on Excel.

It will support Unicode maps but will not see into the spreadsheet itself. However, the Certify Silverlight Learn will still be better at learning the win32 objects in Excel (ribbons, statusBar, dialogs, etc.) than WinLearn or SmartBear TestExecute.


Both Certify Win Learn and Certify Silverlight Learn, however, will not learn the spreadsheet itself.

The user should use the Certify Office Interface to interact with the spreadsheet.

The .Net Interface’s Office support will no longer be supported with Certify 9.0. It currently does not have nearly as full of support for Excel as the Certify Office Interface.

Please note that neither the Silverlight Interface nor the Office Interface require SmartBear TestExecute.