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Unable get the SAP Interface's dynamic window 'Close Popup' action to work. The 'Close Popup' action fails to close the popup window. How do I make this work? 

In Certify, a Dynamic Window is a window which has not been "learned" and therefore does not have a named Map recorded in the Certify database. To interact with a Dynamic Window (modal or non-modal) requires that we first get Certify to be "in context" with that window; meaning that Certify has found the window and associated an internal window handle with the window dynamically. This is accomplished using the Dynamic Window object's Find action. Once the window context is found, Certify can work with that window using the dynamic window actions because it now has a concrete reference to the window. 

Suppose you have a popup window which appears with the name "SAP" in the Title bar. As far as Certify's dynamic window functionality is concerned, which SAP window {wnd(0), wnd(1), or wnd(x)} is visible or has focus is completely inconsequential. You could use the HTML Interface Active Window's "Send Keys" action to send the "{Esc}" key. However, to be completely sure that you are closing the correct popup window, you would use the Dynamic Window object's Find action to find the window named "SAP", then call Close Popup on it. If you just use the HTML Interface Active Window's "Send Keys" action to send the "{Esc}" key, then you will be closing whichever window is active. If the "SAP" window did not pop up for some reason, you would end up closing your main SAP screen and all subsequent steps would fail. Instead, you should use the two step Dynamic Window method to ensure that you consistently close the desired window and not some other one.