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Impact v1.6+ Invalid Certify Connect Database Connection String

Worksoft Diagnostics has reported:  Impact v1.6+ Invalid Certify Connect Database Connection String

The database connection string specified is NOT VALID.  It could be anything from a mis-spelled SQL Server, or mis-spelled database name, or it could be permissions with the username/password provided.  Please review for accuracy.  Following the directions below will help you identify the connection string required to validate.

1.  Please locate the virtual directory for Impact in a directory such as c:\inetpub\wwwroot\WorksoftCertifyImpact
2.  Please locate web.config in this folder
3.  Please open the web.config using notepad
4.  Look for the connection string which will look like this:

    <add key="DatabaseConnect" value="Data Source=myserver;Initial Catalog=CertifyConnectDatabaseName;User ID=blah;Password=blah"/>

5.  Right after the "=" of each parameter in the database connection string, please replace the details for your Certify Connect database

6.  You may need to restart the application pool which is used for your Impact virtual directory for it to recognize the change you have made