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FAQ for Certify Impact SAP transports

A: Certify Impact transports: do the Certify Impact transports require move all the way into production SAP systems?

Q: Certify Impact Transports do not need to be in production. The best way to use Impact is on your test SAP system where the SAP transports to be analyzed are run prior to production. Here is an example of a workflow which most customers use:

One-time Set up - Install the Certify Impact SAP transport, in the TEST SAP system. Configure Certify Impact to the Production Certify database. Certify Impact Remote execution agent are installed on Certify Client machines (non-Citrix).

Weekly task - new set SAP transports are run in the TEST SAP system prior to adding to the SAP production. These SAP transports need to be tested. Certify Impact helps to analyse the new SAP transports and identify the minimum set of Certify processes that should be run to test the new SAP transports.

If the Certify processes pass, then the new SAP transports can be applied to the PRODUCTION SAP system for that week. (Note that the Certify Impact SAP transports themselves are not run in the PRODUCTION SAP system).

Q: Transports to be analyzed: obviously these transports will not have moved yet to Production at the time they are analyzed through Certify Impact. Given this, is Certify Impact able to analyze sets of transports against frequency of use of impactetd transactions in Production? Or does it only identify which transactions are impacted. For example, given a specific transport, it identfies 400 transactions codes impacted. Does it go further to identify which of those are highly used and recommend testing?

A: The current version of Certify Impact does not provide frequency of use information for the transactions.

Q: I ran the SAP transports for Certify Impact. How do I confirm to make sure that the SAP transports have been installed?

A: Transaction SE37 -> Function Module = ZTF_WORKSOFT_TRANSPORT_ANALYZE and hit the display button on the main screen. ABAP code should appear. If not the status bar will state that the Function Module does not exist, please rerun the SAP transport again or check to see if you had run the correct SAP transports.