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Changes to configuring Certify-HP QC Integration when upgrading to Certify 9.0.3

Changes have been made to Certify 9.0.3 for configuring the integration with HP Quality Center (QC). 

Starting with Certify, all HP QC related information can be entered in one place called the 'QC Configuration Settings' and stored in the Certify database.

The QC Configuration Settings can be accessed from the Tools menu and from the Configure option,  click on 'QC', as shown in the following image.

With Certify 9.0.2, an .ini file called 'CertifyBridge.ini', located at C:\\Program Files (x86)\Worksoft\Certify, contained all the parameters for HP QC integration.

And in Certify 9.0.2, there was a required field called 'QCIntegrationUser' in the 'Global Configuration Settings'.

When upgrading from Certify 9.0.2 to Certify 9.0.3, the QC integration settings from 'CertifyBridge.ini' file will automatically migrate to the Certify database, the first time Certify 9.0.3 is launched.