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Getting Started with Worksoft Products

Are you new to Worksoft? If this is the first time you are using Worksoft, please see 10 tips for Worksoft beginner.


Registered product suites, patches, tools and any other files you may need to work with Worksoft products can be found here.  This is a access controlled area, with access granted by the products your company purchased, if you need other products or would like to see our other solutions please contact your Account Manager.

Knowledge Base 

Knowledge base for Worksoft products. These are more "permanent" than Forums or Blogs. Written by Worksoft employees and inlcude white papers, manuals, documents, and manuals about Worksoft products.


Moderated by Worksoft but primarily created by customers. Place for users to collaborate with each other and solve problems that aren't necessarily support related. Not viewable by non-customers.


Written by Worksoft employees - more personal than the knowledgebase articles. Quick and possibly short lived. Some examples: New version announcements and Worksoft news.

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